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Need Funeral Flowers? We can help.

by Dawn on March 11, 2010

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Someone passes away and all of the emotions can be very difficult. Funerals actually help put some closure on a difficult time and help those left behind keep busy and active planning the ceremony. They can be very healing as an opportunity to bring everyone together and celebrate  a life. One of the things that helps in organizing a funeral is flowers.

Flowers have the ability to bring a mood and attitude to a service. They can be formal and somber or bright and joyful.  And either way, they always lend a degree of beauty and elegance to a sad occasion, that can give us hope and soothe our senses.

There are many options available for funeral flowers. Some Funeral homes may have in-house florists but you are not obligated to purchase flowers from them, and Candler Park Flowers would be very proud to have you choose our help in the difficult times and not just the happy occasions like births and weddings.

The relatives of the deceased are usually responsible for choosing the flowers for the actual service and may range from sweet arrangements casket scatterings, sprays, pillow arrangements lid arrangements and huge stands of flowers. Family members, friends and co-workers may opt for a variety of cut flower arrangements, flower baskets or even potted plants such as orchids.

Candler Park Flowers can help you make the decisions and we can work something up for everyone’s budget and situation.  You may ask us to create service arrangements used to decorate the room in which the funeral service is held and usually follow the same theme as the casket cover and other floral arrangements. Or we can do a few basic bouquets of flowers dotted around the venue. It is truly a personal choice.

Whether you are purchasing flowers as a funeral gift or for the service itself,  give us as much notice as you can so we can make sure that we can create the flowers as you would like them especially if you have special flower requests which may have to be ordered and take longer to get in.  But we always have a great selection of flowers that would make beautiful sympathy arrangements so don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can advise you of what is available to meet your needs.