Top 5 Reasons You Should Send “Just Because” Flowers

by Admin on June 16, 2011

Admit it. We don’t normally think to send flowers unless there is a special occasion or we’re trying to get out of some self-induced doghouse torture.  We understand that life does throw you curve balls and a certain 14th day of a specific month is especially reserved for “surprise” beautiful bouquets (Even though some of us leave the empty vase out on the 13th as a reminder).  Engagements, anniversaries, births, deaths, and life changing events all somehow trigger a run to the nearest florist  (insert shameless plug -> CANDLER PARK FLOWERS) to fulfill our flower needs.  But what about the other 360 days of the year? Are we really programmed to forget about the power of beauty, intoxicating fragrance, and promotion from your boss that “Just Because” flowers have?  We have come up the Top 5 Reasons you Should Send “Just Because” Flowers.  Guaranteed to make your day and theirs go great!  Well, unless you forgot your wife’s birthday, but we can help you with that too!

5. It will make the people in the cubicles surrounding your partner sigh and tell he or she how lucky they are to have such a sweet and caring spouse. Even the boss will be slightly jealous.

4. It will kill any potential for a bad day.  Seriously, when you get flowers unexpectedly, you tend to stay on cloud nine even if you don’t meet your sales quota!

3. It gives your partner a chance to brag about you! (As if your head could get any bigger)

2. It significantly reduces the chances of you landing yourself in the doghouse.  Help us, help you. Give us a call at 404.522.0005

1. It reminds your partner of why they like/love you! It shows them that even though you’re physically apart, you’re never far from their thoughts. That’ll get you all the brownie points.

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